tungsten alloy bar material

The comprehensive properties of tungsten alloy are as follows:

* high density * high melting point * small size * high hardness * high corrosion resistance * high ultimate tensile strength * high toughness * high temperature resistance

* low pressure strong * harmless * non-toxic environmental protection * high heat stability * heat resistance * easy processing * impact resistance * high radiation resistance * durable and not easily broken

These advantages of tungsten alloys make it widely used in national defense and civil applications. They are used in many areas such as sports, including golf, fishing gear, darts, yachts, racing cars; Medical equipment such as shielding devices, power rack, sight, isotope container, nuclear syringe; Scientific and technological undertakings include tungsten heaters, oil drilling, and mineral exploitation. It is also used in military applications such as bullets, grenade heads, missiles, and aircraft balance heads.

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